Two Birds and A Mob

Date: 1/23/2017

By jetpackjetlag

Most of us were half human half something. It started with a guy trying to control himself but unable to even with normal hunting means. He got a house on a big plot of land by the mob boss because they had this idea he was special. There were also two birds, and an old man. The old man was a mentor to the guy until he was killed. He just showed the guy a bit on what he can do and how to satisfy the mob. When the man died, the guy spent most of his time with the two birds in the small room off to the side of the trailer house he was given. The birds were part of something greater that I can't remember. The dream skips to "me." I have to bring the guy his food, and escape the hunters of the mob that want to bring him in for a mission because I'm on the other team. I end up having to fight the other people hunting him. A few, I could rush at them and tear a hold through them, but they were well fed and a few healed. I could shoot at them with a crossbow and engaged in hand to hand combat with the two heads. It impressed the head girl so I then had to run and escape before she decided to capture me and get me on their side. I rushed in and found the guy but had to hide from the girl. The girl had come to taunt him about his hunger but eventually went away where I sat and petted a bird and talked to him. Learned he had the power of suggestion and a bit of telekinesis, which he used to get the girl away from me. Eventually the others had decided to spear the house where they thought I was. He ran out and immediately was given a mission. He tried to help me, but he wasn't the only one on mission and he couldn't be suspicious. I ended up being stabbed, but managed to get away. On the way back I also got shot, which apparently stopped my fast healing. Something happened which I don't remember which might have been at my school where I then got my leg sliced open and then there was a car chase by some of the people on my side and the previous mob people, except many marble statues and overgrown plants and makeshift barriers were in the way. We made it to a safe house which was a restaurant and ordered food. I was immediately given care where the wound closed a bit so I could lump around. I went outside and saw the two real leaders just talking though they were on opposite sides. Something was talked about the guy so I ran to warn him, and also he may have been wounded. I didn't know where he was so I just tried wherever. I found a hanging of one of one of the mob people who had the power of a banshee. I had to look around without looking suspicious because for some reason if the guy saw me something bad would happen. Then I woke up.