What happened?

Date: 2/11/2017

By mslex

I was walking through this big mansion with my younger cousin on my father's side of my family. He had mentioned two female names, can't remember their names but he was telling that they wanted to be friends with me. We reached the backyard and there's this big beautiful pool surrounded by stone wall where all the other family members where hanging out. For some reason I avoided eye contact with the rest of my father's family and they seemed to be bothered by that. I was so excited and amazed by the pool, trying to take off black leather loafers I wore on my feet, they were getting wet and I wanted to stick my feet in the pool but my shoes wouldn't come off, the water was cold. Next thing I look up and the water is gone out the of pool and I was there all alone, looking around wondering what happened to the water and where did everybody go?