Zots n Thots

Date: 8/6/2017

By catsouttathebag

I don't remember much, but some friends I made at Irvine popped up 👀 My first encounter with a friend (let's call him "Boogers") rolled out with my dad and I arriving to his house, where he and an Asian lady (his mom, I presume) greet us and welcome us inside. The kid's not Viet, mind you, not even a lil bit Viet. In fact, he's Japanese. However, turns out that not only can he speak Japanese in my dream, but he can also speak Vietnamese. Go figure. Anyway, we are all just chatting - sometimes in English, sometimes in Vietnamese - and then all of a sudden Boogers asks if my dad has a tattoo. And to my surprise, my dad lifts up the back of his shirt to reveal a "Saigon" pride tattoo etched on the back of his waistline. So it looked like a tramp stamp? Trashy, I know. It was kinda funny too, I guess. I'm awoken by my alarm. I flip my phone over and hit the snooze button. I drift back into dreamland. I'm teleported to some sort of retail store, where I was working on decorating these small black bags the store displayed near the front. It looked like a relatively trendy store (think Urban Outfitters). For some reason, this retailer thought it was a good idea to have me write well-known clothing brands starting with the letter C in bright blue - dare I say, Columbia blue (one of my high school's colors) - ink on the bags, but I guess they were going for the "total brand name rip-off" look. Another friend (let's call him "Kodak") arrives to the store with two other friends ("T&G") and browse the store. While T&G were looking at the bags I was decorating (Calvin Klein this, Coco Chanel that), Kodak comes over to talk to me for a lil while and walks away to go find something. I continue to commit fraud on these cheaply-made bags. Kodak returns with a Push Pop, goes to town on that Pop, and then goes to town on me. Weird shit, man. Well, I guess he wanted to get rid of bad breath temporarily, so Push Pops were the way to go 🌝 Anyway, I drop whatever bag I was working on and start kissing back. T&G are like "Go get a room". But nah bro, we just didn't care. Not the best place, I agree, but we just did not care. We eventually walk the situation over to a couch. He sits down, I lean over him, and while we are still connected, I sit on his lap. If I fits, I sits. Business ensues. Suddenly, I remember that the store was a family-friendly business, and I break away from him to go back to the bags. (Oh silly me, I'm still on the clock.) I wake up to the sound of my phone vibrating against my sheets, alarming me that I had a phone call coming from Huntington Beach. Apparently, the Big 5 in Huntington Beach finally reviewed my application and deemed me fit for an interview. I graciously declined because I'm already working two jobs. Would've really enjoyed working for Big 5 though, especially if it's in Huntington. Next time, next time.