Suffocation, compensatory

Date: 8/21/2017

By TheNagual

A long running sequence of busses and a large double bus. They were sent to pick us up, a group of people in the dark at some kind of water park field trip in a residential area. I couldn't understand why no one was taking the bigger bus, apparently it didn't travel very far. I end up at a circle K and proceeded downward into a hidden cellar type area. There was a woman I payed with 2 10$ bills. She let me in and I got a small homeless shelter type area. The whole time I was nearly suffocating and could not breath through my nose. Jenna was my girlfriend. We went around in a amusement type setting. She texted me a number of times very excited. She got ice cream/ shaved ice type treat that appeared in my hand, this was delicious. I was very joyful and relaxed and felt good for my family was impressed with my gf.