Vampirism and Body Mutilation

Date: 7/27/2017

By emmyloo

So I was at a grocery store with an old high school friend but I knew she was now a vampire. We were just trying to get our shopping done but I was hyper aware that she could turn on me at any moment, so I was constantly looking for escape routes. I would only enter aisles where I knew I could climb to the top of the shelves if I had to get away from her, but she wanted to go to the aisles with "protein dense" foods. Then suddenly we were underground standing on something floating on water, and she was a different person. We were trying to escape from the tunnels. It was like I was playing a video game and had to hit X at the right moment to jump to the next object. Then I was running up a log that was floating down a river with a sharpe decline. My friend almost fell off so I reached for her, but then I had to kill her for the game to continue so I stabbed her in the chest. Then I was suddenly above ground, and two other friends from high school were there but they weren't right. They were dead but their bodies had murderous minds of their own. I was outside in some kind of industrial, gravel mining-type facility. Blood and guts everywhere. In an empty storage container were my friends' dead bodies. But again I knew, at any moment they could spring to life and attack me. And then I saw one of their eyes turn towards me so I started to run. I knew they could be classified on a scale of 1-10: 1 being a standard, slow moving zombie, and 10 being organs flailing like extra limbs, climbing out of their body, skin splitting to reveal razor sharp weapons made from their bones. Without looking back, I knew I was dealing with a 9.5 scenario so I just kept running. And then I woke up.