Date: 5/4/2017

By crystalsisi

She was just talking about it; whatever it was. She shouldn't have been, especially so close to the door that was rumored to let all the evil beings out. It wasn't even a door; it was a little square cut out in a wall, but if you touched the edges you'd cut your fingers for sure. It had words spray painted on the tiny door, but they were indecipherable. Whatever this girl said though, she wasn't supposed to. Not so close to the door, anyway. I looked back at the door from the girl, and surprise surprise! It was now hanging open, and it was all black inside with spiderwebs hanging. She had let them out, and now we all had to scatter. Soon our world was taken over by evil. At some point I had managed to take a look at myself from outside of my body. My body was coal black, naked, but I had lines all over my body that were actually cracks. In between those cracks looked to be lava, and they were bubbling and sizzling quietly. We traveled, and by we I mean it was myself and a man with hands that had knives for nails. He had many scars and was a little scary to look at, but he was protecting me and we were close. He was very tall, and the white on his eyes were red, while the actual color around his pupils were black. We spent a long time traveling, fighting others before somehow, everyone was called back to the "Under." I didn't go back; I was human again. Now on a train with no destination in mind, I can see off into the distance. It's that man, and he looks to be insane now. He's fast as he comes at me, and when he's close he swiped his hand across my stomach. I jumped back just in time, screaming at him asking why he was doing this. He lost his mind. In an instant I felt things change, and I was back to my coal body. I could feel my hair dance around my head as I dodged his swipes, but he was fast and I still remember seeing blood fly off of me many times when he strikes. "You promised you would never do this again!" I suddenly shouted. Then I had a flashback. It was us once again in these forms, but he was rabidly attacking me in a junkyard that would fade into a shitty city. Now he wasn't quiet, though, he was laughing and coming at me at greater speeds than I've ever known. I felt each sharp slice of his hands, and believe me when I say I was trying to dodge him. All those times that I did dodge him would have been fatal. Towards the end of the flashback, he slowly turned back to normal; his mental, at least. He started crying, and he held his knife hands up to me. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I promise you it will never happen again," I believed him, but here he was attacking me, thread even wrapping around my legs that had come from him. I don't know how but I evade the thread as well, and then throw a hand into his chest when he is off guard. I remember seeing my hand wrist deep in his chest, a little hard to move, but I find his heart. I look him in the eyes as I hold it, claws tickling the soft tissue. He is frozen, staring at me. I'm crying at this point but it's stinging my face. I'm taken out of first person point of view and into third, and I can see that where each crack was that held lava, now had fire trying to come out. The fire danced in my eyes, my ears, my nose and in all of those crevices of my body. When I opened my mouth to speak, fire was my tongue. My voice wasn't just mine though either, it had a woman's deep voice as the undertone and it was scary. "You promised me," these two voices together sounded so hurt. "I.. had to," he choked out. I saw my face shift from more hurt to anger, and tear flames licked down my cheeks. I pulled out his heart and his veins came with. He falls to the ground, and I stare. So it turns out, those possessing our bodies were lovers in their past. However, the Goddess that had overtaken me was too powerful to roam free, and therefore was Wanted by all of Under. This demon before her had tricked her, though I remember seeing in his eyes, actual love.