Dark Nap

Date: 7/25/2019

By witchbro

It came in three short segments. The first started with me in the woods next to my dad's house at night. I was staring into the space between the trees when I noticed something large flying in the sky but I couldn't quite make out what it was. It was a rather dark night, with only a little bit of light. I then noticed what seemed to be a dog coming towards me. It was black and large, although I couldnt really see it very well. I was afraid and tried to make it up the steps into my dad's house. I felt like I couldn't move my body, like I was groggy or had been tranquilized. Right before the dog made it to me I got in the door and woke up slightly in the real world. I felt my body thrash. The second, I was in a house. Whom of which I'm not sure. I was standing in the kitchen, it's dark again. I look across the room and the back door is open. Once again, this dog is coming in through the door. I couldn't make out a face. It almost looked like it was made out of smoke. As it approached me, I felt like I needed to climb on top of the fridge. Again I felt like I wasn't moving, like I was stuck in-between the dream word and the real world. The dog barked at me this time though. All of a sudden the dream jumped and this is how the third segment happend. So I'm in a parking lot, running to a car with my friend sky. The dog is chasing me this time. I'm trying to get in the passengers side of the car, but I'm moving slow like I'm swinging in pudding. Before the dogs gets me I manage to get in the car. We're driving away, but I can't see anything. I realize the cars headlights aren't on and Im telling sky that they're not on. They're not on, sky turn the headlights on. I wake up.