I Don't Want Your Man!

Date: 5/25/2019

By Ladybugfidoxx

Had a crazy dream 🛌🤔! Another celeb in this dream too. One of the twins from Sister Sister! I think the one from the daytime show "The Real" (Tamera) She thought I wanted her man. Her man was a friend & past buisness partner of mines (in real life) Named Eric Cross. She wanted to fight me but was too punk to alone, so she called two girls to help. One big girl & the second girl was the girl I fought & beat up in high school (in real life). In the dream, she was too busy begging me for a healing touch & massage. She said, "I see what you do to people." Please put your hands on me! I need that! Then, when Tamera came back around, she got back into character like she was going to beat me up. I remember my mom being somewhere in the dream, but she bounced even though she heard us arguing. She was very nonchalant. I kinda felt like we were all her foster children. I tried to go in my room to my bed, and Tamera said, "You lost your bed." You gotta find a new one. I was tight by then & ready to fight her because I felt she was invading my space. Dream ended.