Airplane Crash

Date: 7/7/2017

By http.ari

I was in a plane with my mom, and we were up at the cockpit. There was a man who told us to hang on, and suddenly, he somehow ripped the cockpit frpm the rest of the plane. However there was no one else in the seats as I watched the seats plummet to the earth. I started crying and told my mom I was scared. She said I'd have to hold onto something because we were falling, and so I grabbed onto one of the cockpit seats and screamed as we fell. All of a sudden, we began gliding on air without an engine, and we passed over my home, and a bunch of cars. We continued to glide as if the engines were still in tact, and after a while we crashed at a construction site. There were Asian workers all around us, for some reason, and they seemed angry at us. They began trying to attack us, and my mom and I screamed. The man told us to run, and as we did he began fighting them off. We found a large metal door that we both pushed open, and as we went to go step out, a group of white males also in construction wear came up, but we screamed because we thought they were going to hurt us too. The man told us not to worry as he walked up, and said that they can help. After that, I woke up. Weirdest dream ever..! ( If anyone has any ideas what this might mean, please comment...! )