Very Long Dream, but Two Kisses

Date: 4/8/2017

By ace200

Part 1: I was first at school and a little freaked out because my math teacher, Mr Sands, said in order to take honors pre-calc, each person had to come to him and preform a dance, sing, and take an exam. Donnez and I face timed that night, as I was stressing, and we came up with an easy dance. I then didn't know what to sing. I didn't want it to sound too good, sing I take lessons, and didn't want to sound like I was trying to much. I wanted to sing a Broadway song, but decided to look through pop songs. A relative came over to my house then that I didn't know. She kept asking about what Zoe, my sister, and I were doing and I think she was my cousin. My grandma was there too. I was then in a new house with new people and knew my parents got divorced and my mom was dating a guy. The new kids in the new wooden house were his kids. They got mad at my mom for putting her things on their old moms coat hanger. We were all upset about them dating, but I wasn't being a jerk about it like they were. I was then in the woods with my "cousin" from before. I was also with Zoe and we had old fashioned dresses on. We spotted this lady all dressed in black and started to run away from her. She turned into a hawk and was trying to attack us. We had a horse who was fighting back until he ran out of energy. Part 2: It was Halloween and the theatre company at my school was doing a Pirates of the Caribbean/Peter Pan story where kids would walk around outside and inside this barn and follow a story the theatre people put together. I went with Caitlyn, Maddy, and Zoe. Donnez was there too. We were sitting in a boat that theatre people pushed. A lot of scenes were outside near woods. It was cold, rainy, and light out. I remember being near a lake where a pirate battle scene went on. Aaron R was Captain Hook and wearing his costume from Peter and the StarCatcher. Another pirate came into our tour boat and said everyone had to kiss Captain Hook. There were some little kids with us, so he didn't mean like a full on kiss, but when it was my turn I grabbed Aaron's face and kissed him hard, even though he had a fake beard on. Aaron was surprised and didn't say anything. Our boat went into the barn eventually where the story continued. Kids were dropping things from up top to make it look like they would drop wood on us, but stopped right when we got to them. There were lots of props, like fake water and pirates. Wendy from Peter Pan was played by a girl I didn't know, but kids were talking and thought Abby should of played her. The story was twisted and Captain Hook fell in love with Wendy. Once night fell I helped with clean up as everyone rushed around to get the props together. Sophia M gave me a random purple cape she said she didn't want. Aaron caught up to me and we started talking. He was super sweet. While the theatre kids were having a group discussion about the Halloween event, I told Aaron I was holding him up from hanging out with the other kids since he was a senior and graduating, but he said he didn't mind and would rather spend more time with his community. He then hugged me after we had a good conversation and I left happily. Before leaving, Donnez told me she couldn't do the honors pre calc dance with me and I got really worried about it. On the way home with my mom and sister, I somehow ended up walking home myself in the dark as my mom and sister drove away. Mateo showed up with a mask and he gave me one, since it was Halloween. He started to take a picture of us and I said no one would know it was me. He then took off our masks and kissed me, taking a picture in the process. I told Caitlyn the next day about how I kissed two guys in one weekend and she was jealous, but I promised her not to tell anyone. I was in New York then with Kiera and someone else and almost lost Zoe. I found her and we went to a coffee shop.