Vacation Mansion Party All For Me

Date: 6/12/2019

By smithskyler53114

I don’t remember much of how the dream started but the last thing I remember is I was walking on the long trail that headed towards a beach but we were high up and we found this perfect spot to start taking selfies, I don’t Remember the faces I was with but it was only a few other with me and I just remember feeling like I was skinny/curvy and beautiful and felt great about me. And we took pictures and it then skipped to the nighttime, this is where the party started. I was dressed so cute and so ready to have fun, I walked out of the room I was staying in and I was all ready and done up. And it was a dark red lighting in the whole mansion and a music is playing perfectly in the background. So many people everywhere, in and outside. This was all for me. I honestly didn’t know a lot of people but it’s okay they were still there to party and have fun. Skipping ahead I remember seeing some people I knew and was with them all night just some friends that I cant even remember which friends they were. My eye was caught to the couch and it was a YouTuber Brennen Taylor, who I find very attractive but I have a boyfriend who was also there but he was sitting in a corner staring and now talking. I tried talking to him but he wasn’t responding. He got up looked at me and said “I’m done I can’t do this” and I think I was already intoxicated so it didnt bother me. I walked away grabbing another drink and just trying to have a great time. I go to this room and this older lady was hitting on me and like was trying to hit to have sex but, one not into girls that way and I already had my eye on who I wanted. Aka Brennen. The only person that made me want to walk up and talk. So I did. I yell “HEY baby!🥰” smiling with my arms out and he turns around and smiles and hugs me and I told him I was so happy he came and he smiled and asked how I was and then I woke Up 😣