Mae chasing a train in a multplayer game

Date: 3/18/2017

By richilye

It started and the game looked like BattleBlocks, 4 players, 2 teams, EXCEPT that it was a Deathmatch , no teams. I got Mae burrowski(I think that's how its written) from the game Night in the woods, the other 3 players were normal characters from battleblock. The scenario was sort of a fusion between BlattleBlocks and night in the woods, it looked cool to be honest. it was day time, almost sunset. We started at the top of a hill, the objective was get in the train and wait until night time alive. both of us started together 2 & 2 each one at the side of the hill, as I was sorta battling the guy with me, the other 2 made it to the train already, and were battling each other to see who would be on it. I tricked the guy who was with me and got under him, and got in front, I started running to the train, but he wanted to keep fighting. I slid under a rock and took a shortcut down, and took the chance to land on the train as the other 2 were fighting. I pushed the train and they said that cart was attached to a bigger train, it started moving and the 3 tried to knock me out of it. Then they said that they had a weapon, it was a robot from some other game, it had long legs and a ball head above the legs, it could shoot fire. I learned that Mae could throw bombs, so I used that and knocked the 3 of them out, then a bunch of these robots came and their sits were empty. Even in the dream I wasn't understanding, I got burned a few times, so I started jumping and thowing bombs mid air, the animation was really good made. The train got to the border of the screen, the cart detached from the trains and started going back, at thia moment a flying robot same looking as the others came,then it ended.