The world ended.

Date: 2/24/2019

By shelby406

Anyway it started in a hospital. There were two assigned sides of the hospital to be noted, the sick side and the not-sick side. I was in the not-sick side. If you haven’t guessed, zombies was how the world was about to end. I remember sitting in this room of people who weren’t sick, there was a couple, some people in their 50’s, a guy that I couldn’t stereotype, and a instructor dude that was supposed to help us. The one guy who I couldn’t stereotype was sick and when they found out he had to be transferred to the other side. He didn’t go though, he just walked out the door and into the open world. I followed him out. Skip to when I was walking with a big group and I saw a toddler on the side of the highway. I picked her up thinking there was still hope for her. We were walking for a visible distance when we stopped to fight off an area filled of zombies. When they were all gone we all continued, or so I thought. There was a tunnel with a hole in the ceiling and dirt was piling in the tunnel so you could climb up to it. Everybody was climbing through the hole. When it was only me and Grace, we had to try really fast to catch up. I asked Grace to hold my toddler while I crawled through because she was on my back. But I didn’t realize for a whole what seems like 15 minutes, that the hole was closing and I couldn’t get through anymore. There was a little side window and the group had already started to leave into the woods without us. So I looked behind me to tell Grace but she was gone and so was my toddler! I went back to the area that we cleared to find her and my baby but I found a section of our group setting up camp. I found Graces brother and he said he hadn’t seen her. I saw Carter. I thought he was the one that thought to set camp, it was a smart idea. I had to tell the others just Incase they would die without fire and stuff. So it took me what seems like 2 hours to climb around this tunnel and then I start running to get them but I can’t yet reach them and when I’m about to reach them, I wake up.