Date: 5/10/2017

By Klevr

I was with aitza first and like she was walking away from me and I was confused at first but then the band kids were in the hallway but we weren't in the band hallway which was kinda weird because we were in the hallway where it's kinda old near the gym at colonial. And I was with jeannie and she was like talking to me but not really, her mouth was moving but I couldn't hear a single word. But like all I did was hug her and she was like there and hugging me and I was like dang I miss this and for some reason I kissed her and like she took it and then after a while we stopped. And I just hugged her with one hand and she was like "okay that's enough" and she wanted to be set free from me but for some reason I was laughing when she said that and the last thing I remember was jeannie in my arm hugging her. Forgot something just remembered but like when she was talking to me jeannie put her head on my chest like she did the night where everything went bad sadly. But in my dream it was just all happiness if that makes sense because there was nothing wrong or negative that had me going in there everything was running on good vibes and she had a smile on her face which I can never forget. That's about it.