mall guardians and lucid

Date: 1/9/2017

By figen

I am supposed to be at my house, but it seems like a weird wooden building. There is some guest there, and I can't remember much of what happened. But I am eating ravioli. It is pretty good, and halfway through I realize it is made of rats. I notice rat fur and stuff like that in the can, and get grossed out. Now I'm trying to get into a mall. There are mall guardians that look kind of like trees. Some other people are there with me, and one of them does something that makes the guardians mad. So the guardians are trying to kill us, but somehow in the confusion I escape into the mall. I'm crouching under refrigerators and ovens and things like that. But the mall has gone into some kind of defense mode. If I touch or get near any electrics things, they will shock me., which happens a few times. After a few minutes, I start trying to blend in. I try to talk to a few other people, but they all just glare at me and avoid me. There is some game I play where I won like 3 hats. I don't remember what the game was about. Now I realize I am in my car parked at my house. I get out and my dad is there. I tell him I was at the mall. He asks where I got the hats, which I had completely forgotten about. First I tell him I bought them, then I remember correctly and say I won them in a game. Another thing I notice is that the town looks more like a city, and I can't recognize any of it. Then I think about it for a minute, and say "This is a dream!" My dad just nods like he was waiting for me to figure that out. I start flying. It's night time, so everything is really dark. I go off into the sky, and the entire dream scene turns to black. So pretty much nothing exists anymore. I know that the dream will end if I don't do something quick. I try to imagine a field, cause it's the first thing I think of. I remember the techniques people talked about when building a new dream scene. After a few seconds I can see a really dark gray field forming around me. I don't think it's going to work, but soon I realize I am in some grassy place with weird shapes and contraptions everywhere. It wasn't exactly what I was trying to form, but close enough. There is a yellow button that I press. Then a message appears in front of me. It says something along the lines of "your adventure is your own". There is another line to the message but I can't read it in time, it disappears. I press the button again to read the second half, but this time a mechanical penguin thing comes out. After a few seconds the dream ends.