Haunted house

Date: 5/13/2019

By nekocat

I’ve experienced many odd unexplainable events in our family home. After moving into several more homes and even moving out on my own, I continued to get haunted by whatever follows me and haunts me in my dreams. I usually remember my scary dreams over any other dreams. Probably because they’re too frightening for me to forget. This dream happened awhile ago. My dreams usually starts out with me being terrified already. In the dream, I knew my house was haunted. The energy in the house was off, even though it was nice and sunny outside. I remember the warm sunlight shining through our kitchen windows and glass doors. My younger siblings had no idea what was going on. I wanted to get them out of the house, without the ‘ghosts’ knowing that I knew of their existences in our home. I tried to act normal, rallying up the young ones, telling them that we need to leave immediately. I told my second youngest brother to make sure that everyone is at least outside the house waiting for me. I continued to walk around the house, making sure that no one was left behind, even the dogs. I stood outside, just as I was about to close the door, I noticed my second youngest brother walking down the stairs slowly with his dog. I was surprised and frightened as I stopped closing the door. I asked him why he was still in the house with his dog and that he should’ve been waiting for me outside already. I yelled at him to come down so we can leave. He stood in the middle of the stairs with a blank stare, while his dog came all the way to the door, but wouldn’t even dare step pass it. I stared at him, confused and scared. I was going to step back inside and go back for him, but something stopped me. I told him him and the others wait for me outside, why would he still be in here. Is this really my brother? I started to close the door, feeling torn as I watched the image of him disappearing. I turned around so I could get the others and leave. There, my second youngest brother, waiting with the others. The real one. I woke up. This dream was soooo weird. I always have dreams of me trying to escape from our old home or trying to escape from my grandparents place. What do you guys think?