Drug Addict Merman and idubbbz in the Parking Lot

Date: 2/17/2017

By larzlarz

This dream was continuous but were different in the first half and the last half. 1st Half: I was dreaming in 3rd person. There were 3 mermaids (2men 1woman) that were swimming away from some shark/snakes that when it bites you, you get addicted to the poison and experience deep withdrawals without it. One merman, who was more like an angsty teenager got bitten and started foaming from the mouth in a rage. The other two mermaids brought him onto land where they rested until he calmed down a bit. After they rested, they needed to return to the ocean and decided to use a mermaid submarine for safety, which has two parts: an air and land part where they operated the submarine, and the underwater part where they could swim and stay comfortably. The woman mermaid (WM) was operating the submarine while the man mermaid (MM) took care of the younger mermaid (YM) going through withdrawals. In a rage, while MM wasn't paying attention, YM pushed MM off the land part into the water part and ripped a toaster off of the wall and tried to electrocute him to death. YM was mad at MM because he had samples of the drug poison and wouldn't give it to him. Luckily, MM jumped out of the water in time and did not die. MM offered to give YM some Kratom to subdue the withdrawals, YM agreed and calmed down. They went across the ocean and went onto land. This is when the dream transitioned to the next dream. Second Half: On the beach the mermaids disappeared and the dream began in first person. I was with my boyfriend (J) and we walked back to the car to go to the grocery store. In the grocery store parking lot parked right next to us was idubbbz in his car. I went over and talked to him for a bit because I'm a big fan. He invited us to his apartment in a skyscraper building named the Buster (haha idk why??). He left, then J and I looked up the Buster on Google Maps and several places called the Buster showed up on the GPS. We went looking for it but the valley we drove through was filled with identical skyscrapers. We searched every spot for the right one and couldn't find it. We had one more "Buster" on the mad to check out. This one takes us far into the forest on a dirt road. We get to a fenced area with ruins of an old house with no ceiling and mostly torn down walls. We park and start exploring the area a bit. I was looking around at the area and found a ornate cigar box, and inside it were steampunk-esque trinkets. I thought this place was abandoned for good, so I stuffed them in my bag. J and I met back up in the torn living room and heard the sound of a car pulling up to the property. A man with a tour guide outfit was walking around the area. In fear of being caught for trespassing, J and I hid into a cabinet. The tour guide spotted me and not Josh so I started acting like a lost foreigner to avoid trouble. The man asked for every kind of proof which I happened to have in my purse convincing him that I was Ukrainian and spoke not much English. He still noticed the trinkets gone from the box, so I confessed in broken English and returned it. He let me go, and J snuck out of the cabinet, returned to me so we could drive away. We got back to where our car was but it was gone, and a dozen of different cars were in its place. We found out it was towed, and then I woke up.