farm of the ape?

Date: 3/17/2019

By inmydreams

my dreams are usually so otherworldly and unsettling. yet, I feel more comfortable in them than I do irl. I wake up feeling less serious about life. wish it would last. my last one took place on my childhood family farm where I now live, possibly when I was younger. I was helping my dad with something and had to get the pigs back in the pen. some of em were huge - my height at their shoulders. I was having trouble corralling em. when I finally did, I closed the gate. some time during this, I was also trying to coax a gorilla into the pen. no idea why a gorilla. and he was half my size. still, he scared me and even chased me. I walked around to the front of the farrowing house - a long building with crates inside on either side, a narrow aisle in-between. I had to help my dachshund over the step to get to the back end. eventually, I lured the gorilla into the pen. while I was working with the pigs, the gorilla would jump over the gate. this time, I just used a stern voice, telling him to go back. he listened and was even trepidatious. once I was finally closing the gates - two swung together and tied with wire - the end of one had rusted loose. so I held em closed while my dad went to get a different gate. now, though, the gorilla was much bigger and angry. and there was some very big black hog that the gorilla was apparently using as a steed. and he was talking, though I can't remember the words. I left to hide, hoping he wouldn't realize he could now open the gate. I went back into the farrowing house to the back end. the gorilla and some other animal that was his minion were outside the building and smelled that I was inside. the gorilla was too big to get in, so he had the other one guard that opening while he went around to the entrance. I escaped to a hole in the roof and snuck around until I reached the back of the farm to a tractor. I thought the tractor would be big enough to keep em from reaching me. I was going to drive into the field to avoid detection. but for some reason, I just kept circling around a building adjacent to the field, and they stopped searching for me. however, they were now apparently planning a national takeover. a frantic reporter was following the tractor, saying I was planning an ambush. actually, I was just biding time to figure out what to do. before I could, I woke up. so weird waking up from an outlandish yet transportive dream. and that was only the second I one I recall. not going to post the first one