School Lesson

Date: 3/15/2017

By MayAgain2109

I always have those dreams that I need to get up and go to school, and I'm even at the Trinidad House when I start, but as soon as I get near the school I usually realize Im too old for high school. I also usually see RS, but this time he fucked off right when we made eye contact. Probably some real feelings bleeding through there. This time I headed to the office and asked for a realistic thing, transcripts for college. While waiting RS was right behind me and I grew anxious, and that must have been enough to pull me out of the dream a bit. I fell back in, realizing then that I was lucid, and Kenneth popped up next to me, and started EXPLAINING THE WAYS DREAMS WORK. We were walking bc I was still trying o get to work (9am realistic) but he quickly explained that I was in a dream and I'd be able to wake up soon and everything would be fine (I was worried bc of how far away I was from my work clothes and work itself) I told him about Ryan and he said it usually pops up to remind you that you have something in your past you need to let go- then he said- "See? Look behind you" and I did and there was RS again only this time he looked like utter shit. Almost dead. We walked a little farther and he KS produced a car that he drove to put my emotions at ease. I was duly lucid by now and talking to KS about how well he's been treating Melissa, a real life friend from high school (they're due with a baby VERY soon) and he thanked me for that. He dropped me off and told me I could wake up any time, and, when I wondered about the car, I saw it, driverless, "pick up" another sleeping person and drove away. Like we all have that car and until you bc lucid you're a passenger, but you can drive it if you wake up. After. KS vanished I used my lucidity for my 2nd favorite thing to do lucid; make out with a girl. It's a random girl so far bc I'm nervous that if I come up with anyone specific it'll be too much and I'll wake up. So I kissed, grabbed some boob, and also oddly got to try the penetration thing for a couple of seconds; with a real dick. Then I had a strange moment where I was gonna wake up for work and I was actively trying to, but I kept THINKING I got out of bed when I'd kinda wake up and realize I was still lying down. SOME WOMAN told me this. "When you try to wake up and you feel a rush of energy that's when it's real" So I tried it again and I didn't feel what she said. But then my alarm when off for 8, and that successfully got up. And what do you know, when I ACTUALLY sat up in bed, I COULD DEFINITELY tell it was the real thing his time.