Poor and Hungry

Date: 6/24/2017

By contactsilence

We were so hungry and Albert's dad wanted a pizza only I didn't know what he wanted on it. I tried asking in Spanish, "pollo?" But he declined and knew my limitations and agreed to point at what he wanted. He pointed at the cheese and lettuce. I told him, no problem, I'll make it for you. But first, I'll be right back because I have to use the bathroom. I disappeared across the parking lot which was a lot in my old hometown. I went back to our apartment and asked if they had already brought the pizza, but they hadn't and I remembered I had to go make it and pay for it. So they gave me a 20, which was good since I was low on cash, I accepted it. Also, I was hoping there would be more cash left at the pizza place for me. The pizza place was right next to my favorite Mexican food restaurant and I wanted so badly to sneak in and get a single enchilada. Surely that wouldn't cost too much money, but I decided to wait and pitch the idea to Albert. Especially since their dinners came with free tostadas in place of a regular salad.