blowing up cars

Date: 5/14/2019

By ardipithecus

me sandy and maryem were night driving. sandy was in the passenger seat and maryem was too scared to sit in back so she was up front with us sitting in the middle somehow. when we were driving around we saw two guys doing something under a truck, they were putting red paint marks under it. we drove around for a little bit, then we started to drive back to sandys house (it looked nothing like her house but it was her house). on our way there, we saw the men again, but this time they moved up the street a little bit and were doing the same thing to other cars. we thought it was strange but thought nothing of it. as we got closer to sandys house we suddenly saw all these abandoned cars on the road. some were blown up, some were police cars. we were confused and scared at this point so we drove faster to sandys. we got there and it seemed like a ghost town. we ran into sans house and locked the door behind us. we were trying to figure out what was going on so i started to scroll on twitter. suddenly there was a knock at the door and a group of people walked in. sierra, zoe, britni, chase, poya, and more i just didn’t recognize them. we were wondering why they came to sandys but under the circumstances we let them in. we found out that someone was blowing cars up and leaving big fires in major citys all over the country. me sandy and maryem realized that that is what those two men were doing when they were marking the cars. i was scared and stressing but everyone else seemed to be partying and didn’t care what was happening outside. after a while police started to come into the neighborhood, they were throwing sleeping gas into our homes to lure us out. they yelled through a mega phone to grab a bag of clothes and belongings and then to come wait outside and wait for further instructions. i did as we were told and we all grabbed out stuff and sat outside. after that there wasnt much more instructions or what they were gonna do or where they were taking us. i woke up.