Sleep Paralysis #1

Date: 2/28/2017

By kidneypunch

It was my first Sleep Paralysis Dream. it began with myself semi-waking up to hear various things - Pots; Pans; vacuums; commotion; a tea kettle; - going on as a back noise. I realized I wasn't able to move and I began to panic. I tried so hard to move, but I wasn't able too. I began to hear my brother whisper - obscene things; things he'd never say - back and forth into my ears. I thought he was in the room messing with me, so I tried to scream; that way he could wake me up. At first, I wasn't able to scream; but by the third one, I got a scream out. I was screaming for a while but gave up when I realized he couldn't hear me. Right as I gave up, I woke up.