brothers, mothers and spider-man's daughters.

Date: 8/10/2017

By todoestademoda

my brother is going away. i don't know where. his friends decide to throw him a surprise farewell party. one of his friends is this really good looking girl, she looks like stoya. she's doing some kind of ceremony as part of the farewell. i'm really upset at everything. they are leaving a real mess everywhere. there's a lot of sand around the house. her friend's advice is to not grow up and take things cheerily, to what i respond that i can't. someone has to swipe the floor after all. is time for him to go. there's no taxis. a little figjt breaks for one, that makes me even more mad. he's leaving. i'm back at my grandma's house. me and my brother. my mom is acting really mean towards us. then suddenly she's back to normal. i'm listening to this podcast about spider-man, explaining how two characters that were teased as a peter parker daughter from the future are the same character, and how it was ruined by the writers.