Where did this Harry Potter fanfiction come from?

Date: 4/7/2017

By Finami

Warning: Some spoilers up to the Deathly Hallows. You've been warned bruh. A girl was followed as a main character throughout the dream. She had a backstory of having an infatuation with the Weasley twins since their first year together. Despite being somewhat of an academic, she was a regular in their running store. The dream jumped around in the timeline, but the most vivid was the last two years before setting out as Dumbledore's Army in the war. The girl was seen to grow closer to Fred rather than George. They took walks through town together when given the chance. She was one of the few able to tell the difference between the twins, mostly due to knowing their beauty marks and observing their mannerisms closely. Fred had given himself away through small things such as being klutzy or the inventions he thought of. With her intellect, he would turn to her to modify them. After repetitively saving the girl, they had somehow grown closer by sharing a few relieved laughs. However, because of these experiences, the girl felt something nagging the back of her mind. She wondered about the outcome of the war and if there was a chance Fred had died, would she regret not telling him anything at all? Spontaneously, she pulled him aside. "Hey, can we talk for a bit?" She grinned, a little mischievous even with her motivations. "I swear it's nothing bad~" "Sure. You know that if you are planning something, it will backfire." They began walking around the house the group was taking shelter at. Of course, plenty of the members could hear part of their banter. A few had some knowing smiles spread across their faces after the pair passed them. "Will not! It only happens some of the time." "More like all the time. Just because you gave me ideas doesn't mean you invented my jokes. They're (Don't know the name of this character)-proof." Her face flushed, pouting in defeat. "Whatever." "So, what did you want to talk about?" He grabbed onto her hand. Fred was known to do this compulsively from time to time, part of it in protection and the other to keep away anything she was hiding to blast into his face. "Well, we've been through a lot together." "Yeah." "I've known you for your ridiculous pranks, being a great friend, sharing so many laughs..." "Uh huh~" "Even some of the bad times lead me up to what I wanna say. Like when we got accosted by death eaters, when you went to the ball with Johnson, and when I was near death itself a few hours ago..." "Yeeeeess?" He drawled on, leading them into the kitchen of the shelter. It was the most quiet place they were able to find. A single mother and her children were still in there, much to the girl's discomfort. "What do you want to say?" His back somehow made her feel less pressured by it all. Maybe this was easier than she brought it out to be. "Fred," she breathed quietly, trying to make it out to be a simple statement. "I love you." Everything seemed to go silent. Even the people talking outside the door may have cut their conversations short. The mother in the room was gawking in awe, clearing her throat to lead her astonished children outside the room. "We-we have all we need in here, thank you." She failed to remember the mother was there in the midst of confessing, making her face heat up in embarrassment once more. Fred stood there motionless, not turning to her yet. The girl was fairly annoyed by this. "Hey, you could at least say something when-" He snorted, turning to her with a camera and its photo. "The look on this kid's face was priceless. I'm glad I took that picture. C'mere, look.'