Superman/girl 2

Date: 4/7/2017

By Kisaki

Someone called us for help. We were at war somewhere in s school. We got weapons to fight and there was a weird agenda who were marking the days. There were a kind of system we could use to infiltrate the place without being watched. And some of the thugs were on me. I could skip and makes the day pass, making me hard to find. But they were trying everything to kill me. One of the thugs even asked me How do you do that. And there was a kind meeting with the enemy. They got a date on the agenda against us but we managed to avoid them again. It seems that I got someone by my side but I don't know what happened after. Someone betrayed us to their teacher. And we were uncovered. There was an ultimate fight, the last fight with these thugs. Note: Interrupted dream by early wakeup. -_- Again in the same day.