The monster 💩 poop

Date: 6/26/2020

By Purple

I had a dream I had to poop in a public place. It was a bit of a challenge to get out, but I moved my legs in such a way that it became easier. It was a large log with lots of details. It looked like a large cylindrical log made of poop pebbles lumped together. In fact, the toilet design itself was like that as well, a stone-like receptacle. My poop was so large, I wanted to take a photo of it to show my ex hubby. I took out my phone and suddenly realized the door was open. I shut the door and took a photo. The iphone started making loud whirring camera noises, was flashing a lot, then finally took the photo. Upon giving poop one final look before flushing, it appeared to have grown in size and was now above toilet rim. It looked alive, almost. I hit the flusher and as I watched it go down, it turned into my cat, and was flushed down, head first. Then my alarm went off to wake me up.