Daddy and daughter

Date: 2/23/2019

By AshWednesday

We begin our dream at a public indoor pool. My mom and dad are fighting because a short women with dark hair pulled in a tight bun, probably forty years old told my mom that she and my dad have been having an affair. My mom in typical fashion has a complete meltdown and I told her that the woman was lying and I’d take care of it. Mom cried and asked if dad was really cheating and I said “no of course not, dad would never do something like this to you. Don’t worry, go home and daddy and I will handle it.” My mom left the pool with most of the pool goers and about 9 people were left. Myself, my father, the alleged mistress and six men swimming together. I went up to the men and quietly told one of them to take his friends upstairs to the private heated pool that would be open to the public for 40 more minutes. He obliged with no arguments. As they were leaving I asked my father if this woman was indeed his mistress and he denied it but I could see he was lying. I sighed and told him to choose his family or her. He chose us and I got back into the pool and approached the dark haired woman. I said nothing, I just grabbed the back of her head and held her under the water. As she began to fight I told my dad to come over and hold her arms. He did so reluctantly but the look in my eyes made sure he raised no questions or objections to me. She died relatively quick for a drowning and then we simply got out of the pool and left. My dad looked at me and I looked at him and smiled.