Mexican Daughter

Date: 5/22/2017

By esdot85

I remember meeting with a couple who had a bunch of kids. I showed up with my oldest son...I didnt recognize the mom but she claimed to KNOW me and she told me one of her daughters was mine. For whatever reason I believed her. The three of us (me, my son, and new daughter) left and had a great deal of misadventure. Including my car breaking down multiple times, people trying to kidnap the kids, and the husband of my new baby mama trying to take the daughter away from me. Finally we get to a house where I meet with my wife and a number of there people I dont know in real life (but seemed recognize in the dream) - all Women, except for my new baby-mama and her husband. I fill my wife in on the events and she decides to make me "feel better". We start getting intimate and some of the girls join in. I hesitate at first and with my wife's permission I continue. After a while, I can't find her so I separate to do so. I find her crying and she asked me why I would be with these other women? I woke up.