Watching the sunset

Date: 6/16/2019

By LucyElla

I can't remember the first half of the dream but something happened meaning Leon (my boyfriend) had to live with us for a bit he was quite happy to come and stay and my sister had just moved out of my room because we finished decorating her room meaning I had a spare bed in my room so that's where he slept one night he came back from work and I was just in my scruffy pj shorts he was back earlier then I thought so hadn't charged I just said that in was wearing theses for now but he said they looked nice I made something to eat and we went to watch some tv he then said to me that the sunset was ment to be really nice tonight so asked if we could go watch it because near my house there is this little seating place with a bit of a roof over incase it rained so I said yes but would have to change into something warmer I thought it might be a bit cold so I put some tights under my jeans to keep my legs warm and for some reason went to out tights over my jeans but then I realised that was a little weird so took them off my mum then came in and asked us where we we're going I told her to watch the sunset she just said okay and we set off to watch it the sky was so bright with orange and pinks I then woke up.