Midnight Drive

Date: 8/9/2017

By man4paradigm

Ok so in the dream I'm driving because I can't sleep, not tired at all. In reality I'm drifting awake, asleep, awake, asleep. Really light sleep. I'm driving, and these roads are familiar to me, they're astral roads I've driven before and I eventually end up at this gas station where I knew they had good food but it's 4am. So I walk in and the lady behind the counter is looking exhausted, hell I also ask her if she's ok several times. In the deep fried cases there's some cheese sticks, and some corn dogs. I ask for cheese sticks and she drops fries in the fryer. Oh well, home made fries are ok too. I turn to pay the lady and as I'm swiping my card she's hanging me this to-go box stuffed with the fries and stuff I asked for. Free of charge. I one of the cheese sticks, and it tasted real. Like cheddar in my mouth. I'm all like, woah thanks but I can pay and she's nope. I'm at the door when I turn and find her laying over a tabletop that people can eat on face up. She speaks. I don't quite hear her, and ask her to repeat it. Looking at me like that she says "I have the second and seventh box. There is 32 boxes now, 52 at the end. He uses the fifth box in my heart." As she's speaking, she's morphing into Amanda. She's looking all spacey and fucked up to be honest, and I'm all lost on what is going on. "Um Amanda? I'm on the way home. I know it's late." "Your fine. He needs the ninth box." I walked out to the car crunching a corn dog and snapped awake.