Date: 6/2/2019

By Teddyshadows

Was attending a school (possibly my high school), a "practice" drill was set in place, students ran and hid trying to find a safe place, hid with friends, active shooting happened, a man with a real running chainsaw would stick the blade into the walls, people tried to find us in the rooms we hid in, if we were found we could openly talk about the experience of this drill. After being handed a slip about where to go I crumbled it up and threw it saying that we should always be able to talk freely about shit and that I was not going to a place to talk about this now. The person in charge, a shrew woman, heard me and gave me a death glare. I got up and started walking to a different part of the building. I called my grandma needing an attorney about this "drill". Feeling as if something was wrong I locked myself in a room (resembling a hospital room). After being discovered I attempted talking to the woman in charge who was doing paper work, after her not responding to me I finally picked up a paper with her name on it. I started to walk away and googled who she was, finding that she was in charge of the Chernobyl experiment (the worst and most cruel in schools) (can not remember what it was for). I went to a neighbor that had went through the experiment long before. After being given a stuffie we started to talk it when she showed up. The old man cursed and told me as fast and as quietly as I could run out the back, along the river bank to safety. Ran threw the man's house, through the room with the stuffie, quietly opened a sliding glass door and closed it, ran to the river bank and started to follow up the river. Made it to a Chinese elm that forced me into the water before waking up.