High school/June 13 2017?

Date: 6/12/2017

By wanda1316

I snuck a boy over to my house at night when no one was supposed to be home. We were night swimming, then I saw my dad coming outside. I made the boy hide in the shadows and be quiet. My dad talked to me for a little while and then told me that school (high school) started on June 11, and today was June 13. I started screaming because I couldn't believe I had already missed the first 3 days of school and there were no reminders sent out. There was even a test that day that I missed. In real life I am in college so this dream took me back to my senior year. I texted classmates but got no response, so the next day I just went to the school. It's a homeschool in a small house. It was slightly dark and there were fewer students than I remembered. There was a young new teacher for the high school so I let her follow me upstairs. In the first classroom I saw my former classmate. I was shocked to see him (supposedly he graduated and I didn't for some reason). The classroom was now his bedroom. He was playing video games on a flat screen television. I took her to the next room where there were bunk beds and a few other students. None of them wanted the new teacher to be there since they didn't want to have to work. They tried to hide and lock us out. I was on the side of the teacher. I took her into the last classroom which was empty. Then I dove through the window into the room where the students were.