Remember when Timmy from FamilyOddParents was stuck in the computer... well I was in a tv

Date: 7/17/2017

By taywood

I had this dream that I was watching tv and I got sucked in to the tv into this like stupid game show that nobody watched (one that aired at like at 3am). Somehow I got sucked into the tv and into that show. When I showed up it was like they were expecting me and it was weird. After like a couple of minutes prepping people starting getting anxious and running around. They said that the show was going to be cancelled because nobody was watching it. I was questioning what was going to happen to me when numbers starting flying at me counting down. Once they reached 0 darkness shrouded the room. I screamed only to realize I had woken up and was in my room in the dark (noticing by the feel of the bed). I went back to sleep soon after.