Her love confession

Date: 2/12/2019

By NttVan

I'm at my house with sis Chou, sis Dung and many co-workers. They're playing a game on the side yard. When I step to the door, I see sis Chou standing outside and wearing a green dress. She's joking loudly with a man that 'You must have fallen into the trap of love to know how it feels'. He asks if she's loving someone. She says yes. I feel that she want me to know that she loves me. Then people move to the front yard, I see sis Dung nearly top naked, wearing a pink bra, standing alone sadly. I surprise she has large breasts. I joke with her, tell her that I see them all. I repeat that joke when go to the side window, she gives a small but hard smile to me. I'm standing at the front house, I hear sis Chou tell people to run forward to touch me. It's a kind of a game. There's already a short hair woman stand next to me. After sis Chou's count, I try to run but she come closes to me and secretly tells me to stand still. I stand there and there are 3 people stand by my side. People hesitate to play, they're watching sth at the side yard, we all are. I look at my table and see some large picture, that is my childhood. I think may be sis Chou's seen these and started to like me. I try to locate her in the crowd behind me.