Lost Memories of Previous Boyfriend

Date: 7/1/2019

By randybobandy

I felt extremely lonely and sad, just all around a desolate feeling. I visited the banquet hall I used to work at. It was raining and after midnight but I saw they were still open. A girl that worked as an intern alongside me in real life was in the doorway acting as the hostess. The restaurant was booked for Shane Dawson. He was sitting at a two-seat table by himself. For some reason I knew that he was going to propose to his boyfriend. Everyone inside seemed to be involved with Shane and no one else was allowed in. I could also see that they were serving steaks to everyone inside. Nobody saw me. It was like I was invisible. I went back through the rain to my car. I ended up in some strange tiny room that was supposedly my bedroom. It basically consisted of a bed and a giant window. I was looking through actual physical photos when I saw pictures of me with a guy from my high school, Tyler. I found more and more photos of us. I was completely shocked because I had absolutely no memory of being with him, or even knowing him. Somehow it started slowly coming back to me that I had dated him for two years, but that we had broken up. But I could not understand why I didn't even remember that I knew him at all.