Dual Nightmare's that made no sense !!

Date: 6/9/2017

By Myistcsapphiremoon

The frist Nightmare. Everything was like a black and white movie. Except. the black was replaced. with dark grayish blue. i was in a town mostly but myself. there where two other people. one with no definition.. the other was pearl from Steven Universe. (( not sure why she was in it.)) i was walking near a crumbling building. on top of the pile of rubble. and i felt something watching me. I was afraid to turn around but slowly i did and there was this massive black wolf big then some of the buildings it was very vibernt against the grayish blue and white around it. a substance the consistency of black ink driped from oit mouth. On the inside i was terrified but i walked way and the dream faded to a room with the same theme and i was telling pearl ((who was small and trapped in a lightbulb)) and the other person about the wolf when it broke trough a window trying to attack them i jump in its way and it killed me. The second Nightmare. this nightmare had vibernt colors and was like a modern steampunk theme an it was a city inside a massive. glass chamber (( like the one that was supposed to hold the Incredible Hulk in The Avengers)) and im guessing it was Halloween or something. there was a party but it was in my view but no one could see me. There was this black mass the color and texture of ink. (( again)) it was moving all over the place like a blob. it would envelop people. killing them just instently and i was the only one that noticed. at one point this guy ((with a dark chocolate skintone)) started noticing people disappearing. so he and his girlfriend ((she was very beautiful with dark caramel skin and long dark hair that was in ringlets)) start trying save everyone. but at Some point woman. get capture by these scientists and she's strapped to like a Frankenstein table thing. and the just start cutting. her up it was horrifying i screamed try to get them to stop but i coudnt do anything. there was no blood and her cuts looked like. someone had tried to cut warm soap and stopped hafe way through. The Blob came and took over her body afterwitch it began to stitch her wounds. i ranway scream to the middle of town were i see the guy but im not sure what he was doing. the blod is then suddenly behind me and i turn to face it and the women. walks out she's wearing like a weird golden steampunk like outfit with weird called shaped glasses with wings on the sides. she is gray in color now and the glass hide her eyes. she stroks my face and say it will all be over soon. she and the blod go in t this weird tube thing embedded in the wall of this chamber world. suddenly all the gravity is changed. im slammed. against the ceiling unable to move as the dropping sinsation over me like we're plummeting out of the sky. this kills everyone in the chamber city almost instantly. I can hear them scraming. once its over the gravity goes back to normal and I fall to the ground. once i get to my feet the blob and woman reappear in front of me. she takes of her glass and the nothing but blury white sockets wete her eyes. should be. she then grabs my arm puling me to her and says "its just you and me now.... forever" in a very staticky voice. i screamed as dream faded into her eyes. and i woke up with a sharp pain in my head.