The Movie 10 Cloverfield Lane, but different apocalypse

Date: 7/24/2017

By toxxicduck

I had fever-type dreams where a bunch of stuff kept happening in a weird order and don't really make any coherent sense as a whole... I lived with this older man and my friend Alex. I think the man was Alex's father. I lived there under the kindness of the old man and felt guilty for living off his dime but I couldn't leave or even help with hires for some reason. I spent most my time on the couch. Everyday we had the same meal: black beans on tortillas, and we were all getting very sick of eating it day in and day out, but it was all we could afford to eat. It felt like the old man was on edge about being poor and having to take care of others and I thought he was going to snap in frustration and go insane at any moment. It made everything tense and on edge. Next I was in a bedroom with my ex boyfriend Nainoa. The room was dim and we sat on the bed which was the only piece of furniture. Nainoa was painting a picture and I was being lovey, kissing his face and hugging him and stuff while also complimenting his ambition to paint. Then I sat back and started chatting with my PenPals on Stigma, but Nainoa saw what I was doing and became jealous. He wanted to see what I was typing and who I was friends with, but also said I couldn't use the app anymore. Then the dream switched back and forth between being at the old mans house eating bean tortillas to being in the room, but now with a different ex boyfriend Corey, instead of Nainoa. Corey was also jealous of my friends on Stigma and telling me I couldn't use the app anymore, but he was also acting drunk and stupid, which is uncharacteristic as he doesn't drink. Back at the old mans house, we got a new roommate. It was a woman with a service dog. She brought a bunch of friends over who were really loud and annoying, but we had to be nice to her and let her do what she wanted because she had issues. She herself was also really annoying and snotty and kept judging everyone for stuff and being a judgey hipster. I think her dog was a golden retriever. Then all of a sudden an epidemic struck the nation. It had something to do with a highly contagious and highly deadly bird disease. All of us at the old mans house, including the girls friends, all hid in an underground bunker. But in the bunker we were all showcasing sculptures we had made. Some of the sculptures were made of clay and painted, while others were taxidermy animals. I remember seeing a taxidermy creature that looked like small wolf thing. The woman who was viewing our art was being extremely rude and insulting everyones job sculpting. She held up her own sculpture of a dragon and compared it to ours, explaining why it was so much better. Indeed, hers was much more detailed and the shading was done really well, but it was still extremely agitating. We all remembered the bird disease and suddenly everyone was throwing their taxidermy birds out of the bunker through a window, just to be safe, and they came back to life and flew away. They were turkeys, chickens, and all poultry as far as I remember. Then I was in my regular apartment and just discovered my cat Leelu peed and pooped on my dads bed. I was so infuriated by this that I punished her by holding her by the scruff and showing her the poop, like you'd do with a dog, then used her paws to pick up the poo and took it to the litter box, trying to SHOW her that that is where the poop belonged. Probably not a good method for training cats... Next, I was looking at a digital map of the world. The whole map was black and the boarders and font were white. Every country showed which company of theirs that was high on the stock exchange, and I discovered this way that Google got some of its experimental technology stolen, and it was going to cause the stock market to crash. Irl, I know nothing about stocks...