Digital art 4k scene from a movie: In the sprawling landscape of a winter wonderland, a reincarnated polar bear floats back to the dead male body that was once his own, surrounded by a group of animals on a journey through a burial place outside a shopping mall.

Im a reincarnated polar bear, floating back to my dead male body.

Date: 6/14/2017

By monjanse

I was with a bunch of animals on a trip to the mountain hill. I had become a polar bear of an accident in traffic. I went in a winterland with some grass. I had to take breaks bechause of tiredness, and i smelled with my nose while I saw open sea on the mountain peak there. I eventually felt an unmistakable smell (smell of dead bodies) as we walked through a burial place with gravestones outside a shopping-mal. Afterwards we found out that I was the dead body i was smelling, and that I was reincarnated to a polar bear because I had been killed by bus (I was a boy who had been taken under by a bus and lacked a tissue, so I saw an adult dead man as I was sucked in him, because it was the previous me. I saw a big picture filling the whole street where i have been killed by the bus, and it was a portrait of my face. I was a young man with a fall in the hair and a mustard. The picture was black and white/sepia, like it was from the 50s.