Trump's Chief of Staff

Date: 8/11/2017

By MysticOne

I dreamt that I was Trump's chief of staff and that I was trying desperately to get all of his employees to behave. While I remember liking most of them I also remember that most of them seemed unprofessional and unfit for their jobs. Initially I seemed to be outside in a baseball stadium where the new captain for Air Force one was flying around above us and knocking down the lights and loudspeakers. At one point he almost landed the plane right in top of me and I was struggling to get out from underneath it and worrying that I was slowly being trapped by the propellers. (The plane itself looked like an old bomber from world war 2). The pilot himself had long hair and seemed like the kind of guy who smoked a lot of weed. Trump meanwhile was in a giant motorcade that looked more like a train at a kids park and he was dressed like a 17th century king and was decidedly orange in appearance. (I also remember that the baseball stadium was in the middle of the desert and the sun was always directly overhead). I then got into a screaming match with Trump although I have no recollection of the specific words. Then I was in a city with the new Chef of the Whitehouse and I think a few other members. Much like the pilot she seemed dumbfounded by the job and we were wandering through an enormous apartment complex/corporate headquarters and we seemed to be looking for something, maybe our way out. I also think my girlfriend was with me and trying to help us find he way out while a speech was going on somewhere else.