Date: 3/31/2017

By balysstic

Went with Deb, Megan, Feliciano, and a couple other people from the Quidditch team to some girls house so we could get her car to go somewhere. There were a ton of airplanes in the sky and I was worried about it bc I thought they were alien space ships or something. Then we drove a couple hours to go to some party but stopped at waffle house in the middle of a marsh on the way there, I vaguely remember snorting something in the bathroom with one of the guys, and I was one of the last people to be served and I was upset about it bc some people left us behind to go to the party early, but thankfully we got their and we found it only to realize that this party was a really witchy version of what are the odds where the girl who was hosting would tell us about something one of us would have to do and if you didnt answer one of her questions right youd have to do it. It was a ton of dangerous stuff and I ended up being hung from a tree and having bees swarm around me. The bees didnt hurt me though for some reason so the girl closed the party but let people from the Quidditch team stay. We got to sleep in her house. However I started getting antsy and left bc something happened that I couldnt remember so I walked away from the house to get some fresh air and try and learn more about the witches. I ended up in a museum and I saw my sister Jenna there so we looked around and I found an old viking ship with a mummified walrus lookin mermaid on top of it. I asked a tour guide about it and they told me it was magical and sailors drug the mermaids out of the water for spell purposes and for power. Thing is I had the feeling I was being followed the entire time we were in the museum so I kept walking until friend River stopped me, I was glad he was there bc I was afraid but then I walked with him and we passed a clone or something that looked like him so I got even more terrified. I remember sending out an SOS messaged to friends back at the witch house to come help me. Then both the River clones grabbed me and Matt also walked up and helped pull me away. They were trying to pull me into a room when some scientist/leader lookin guy told them to let me go and he brought me into a back room where he laid out three cards on a table and told me to choose one. I asked him why and he said bc of my magical abilities they were going to induct me into this society of witches where you could travel between 17 different alternate universes where you exist and meet them and pull you along with you (explaining river's clone) which I then understood as they guys being apart of it too. I think I woke up before I chose a card but god this was an interesting dream.