Dancing and Tom Felton

Date: 8/20/2017


It starts in a tunnel to Hogwarts. In my moms car, but it's flying. So then we land at a theatre. I meet Tom Felton at the front and we talk. So we go into the theatre. The curtains open and Tom starts singing his medley of Time Well Spent, with me and about 11 other girls in sparkly leotards and tutus. When we're done, we all walk out together. Right before the curtain shuts, I see my boyfriend in the crowd. Then there's a time jump and I'm at my house. I grab the key to the car. I walk out and see that it's crashed and my mom is dead inside. Then there's another time jump. I'm crying and my friend Dana came to console me. She took me outside and I sat down in my driveway. I start crying and Adrian (my boyfriend) come over after Dana screams at him that he hasn't been much of a boyfriend lately and comes over and explains himself. And then we start making out. And then another time jump. Then I hug Tom Felton again and I wake up.