first day of school

Date: 8/9/2019

By mgold15

it was the first day of school and at lunch we sat in the gym and i looked over and saw my crush a couple feet away from me and let me tell you he was SO MF FINE. HE HAD A WHITE AND BLUE VERTICAL STRIPED SHIRT UNBUTTONED A LITTLE ON THE TOP AND IT WAS TUCKED INTO JEANS THAT WERE ROLLED UP ON THE BOTTOM UGH. i was debating if i should go up to him or not but then i remembered that hes older than me so i have nothing to talk about with him so i just stayed with my friends. anyways, we took a test on the first day IN LUNCH. it was so weird. and i sat with people that i dont sit with in real life so it was a little weird. thats it, it was kind of a weird dream.