almost got murdered in the woods with keanu reeves

Date: 7/25/2019

By kkthedreamer

i have no idea what was happening in my dream but i was exploring the woods at night with keanu reeves and one of my friends for some reason. we heard a noise and went over to see what it was and we found a pool of blood by a tree. so we started running and we slid down this huge sand dune that was right by a lake. i remember there being a full moon and it was super bright. we hid under this tree at the bottom of the dune and we hear a noise but before i can even do anything, keanu is hit in the head with a knife or something and he falls to the ground. then my friend is knocked out too. i start panicking and i don’t remember much of the details of the dream but all i know is that they survived and we managed to escape