City in a building, flaky friends

Date: 7/15/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I randomly just remembered having this dream from several months ago, so I can't really remember much, just tiny glimpses. I also don't know exactly what night I dreamt this. I was in this building where pretty much everything was made of unfinished wood. There were tons and tons of floors, and many rooms with winding hallways etc. it was so big it was like a whole self contained city. There is a sports bar that me and a friend go into. We're sure that someone's going to kick us out for not looking old enough. We're only trying to save seats for our friends, so we hope no one tells us to leave. A waitress comes by with these huge pink drinks with sprinkles and everything on them. We try to tell her that we didn't order them, but she just smiles and tells us to keep them, that they're on the house. Me and my friend look to each other and shrug. We figure we might as well enjoy them. We sit there for what feels like a long time, but our friends never show up. Then we get a call from them saying that they're sorry they're late, but they're just going to go straight to the movie. (I'm fairly sure it was a new Shrek movie) We're kind of irritated at our friends for not showing up, but decide to just head for the movie theater. We head up this narrow spiral staircase that's still in the bar, and then go down a hallway that has white walls rather than exposed wood. When I put my hands on it, it leaves dirty handprints, even though my hands aren't dirty themselves. There's a huge line waiting to enter a room, which we assume is the theater. We call our friends back again to see where they are, but I think they said they were already inside and didn't save us seats. Me and my friend leave, because we didn't feel like waiting in line forever.