Date: 6/14/2017

By BlazingStarr

I was on my grandparents property and there was a zombie virus outbreak. I survived for a while on the farm land but the zombies came and we had to flee into the woods with a single horse and there was around 8 or 10 of us. We came across a large field with some fence work that had broken. On the left side of the field there were thousands of zombies stuck inside a fenced off area. We were working our way silently across the field when the fence broke and an opening was made. I sent the horse off in a different direction to attract the zombies and we managed to get away. We eventually came across a half built house that we hoped to make into a shelter because it had a fence around it but there was strange children living there that refused to let us come near. We continued on and finally came across a gated manor that looked well kept and we went inside. Once we walked through the front doors we all split up into pairs and explored the rooms. Each room represented a Disney fairytale and we were transformed into the princesses and princes of the tales. I woke up shortly after that.