A black mist surrounded us and hurt our hands when we used our phones

Date: 3/21/2019

By levinelover

We caused to much pollution, two gray tornados a rainbow mist cloud and a giant black fog were in the sky. The black fog came back and surrounded all of us, it made my hands start to prickle and fall asleep. I complained it was making my hands hurt, everyone started to agree and said it was making their hands hurt too. I was snapchatting that moment but my hands falling asleep made everyone drop their phones into the sand. Luckily I locked my video so it kept going, I knew it would only be one minute and I can save it then my hands would stop hurting. Everyone else who stopped filming felt better. When it was on the 4th video the black cloud told me to turn off the video so I stopped it and saved it. The black mist also called me out for saving the video. My hands didn’t hurt after.