Date: 5/9/2017

By njones102

Was on a journey to somewhere. Had to use all kinds of different methods to get there. First was this kind of boat thing where the road dropped down and we ended up in a kind of cargo hold with straw. We were split from the rest of the people and ended up with most of a hold to ourselves. We then had to go on a travelator. You had to be spread out but people kept getting bunched up. there were multiple travelators to chose from and they all went up and down and changed speeds. In certain sections you had to wait for a green light before you could go so that you didn't hit the person in front. we then went into little individual pods ready to be launched. we were flying to Egypt. Blond Matt was incredibly excited to see the pyramids. Someone else thought Egypt was in South America and had brought a Mexico guide book. I was annoyed I had forgotten my Egypt travel guide.