Date: 5/14/2017

By kidneypunch

It started at this futuristic school. (Advanced Technology, etc.) The school had no windows, so there was no way to see outside. The "Forbidden Place" was the only area with acess to windows. Some friends and I were talking about it how people have gone there and have come back with no recollection of it happening. We had decided to be rebels and agreed to go explore. THere were usually alarms when you entered the area; but for an unknown reason; they didn't go off. I walked to the window at the edge of the platform; and I had seen that the city was floating and the land was.... something. (It was supposed to seem surreal; in a sense... but it seemed perfect.) Suddenly, the alarms went off; startling all of us, and we seen these spider things coming out of the wall further down. They began to come after us and we booked ass towards the doors. We made it out before the spiders got to us; doors closed. Once we realized we still had out memories intact; we went our seperate ways.