Date: 3/11/2017

By incurableflame

Some kind big event, like a ceremony, where Hollywood celebrities all gathered in their best clothes. Then there's a scene somewhere else, possibly underground, of this priestess woman sacrificing a baby I think? at this altar to summon a demon. At first a lesser demon appears on the pentagram, she tells him to go call the King. The Demon King appears , takes a moment for its form to solidify. It is an extremely powerful being, perhaps Samael/Satan himself. The King of Hell. And this human priestess... I don't know who she is because she's wearing hooded robes but whoever she is... She can make the most powerful demon do her bidding like a loyal dog. The demons are in awe of her. They revere her. Almost as if SHE is the one the demons worship. The scene becomes clearer as it goes on. I believe this woman is the wife of Samael/Satan, ie The Queen of Hell. Either a new one who overthrew the old, or the incarnation (of Lilith?). She is more powerful than Samael. She might as well keep him on an actual leash. He is eager to do her bidding, no matter what it is. It also turns out that the only reason she summed Satan was for sexual favours. She orders him to shapeshift into different actors so she would know what it's like to have sex with them. Both men and women. However, she also wants something else from Satan. I think the dream ended before she got to tell him.