School reunion of some kind 1.9.17

Date: 9/1/2017

By MeddlingGoat

It seemed like a high school reunion. It was held at a hall. There was a long table covered with white table cloth. Everyone was chatting and mingling, waiting for the food to be ready. I walked outside into a narrow but long backyard, suddenly someone hugs me from behind. It was Gloria. She was really happy to see me. "Oh my God Victor you're like the cutest guy!! You're always happy and smiling". she said to me. I said something back. We kept walking, she continued to hug me from behind. We walked back inside and I saw Jennifer Aniston. She was my height, wearing a white blouse and a black leather skirt. Except the back of her skirt was made out of stockings material. She was also wearing black stockings underneath and you could see her white g string under all that. She also had her but cheeks painted, it looked like someone generously applied a thick layer of dark red or brown paint over her butt cheeks because you could see the paint drip marks down the back of her thighs. She did it as a fashion statement and pulled it off. Food was ready, we were told to take a seat. Everybody was passing an entree platter with fish bites. Next thing I know I'm taking a seat at the table again. Expect there were only a few of us, the rest were still outside. They served the main course. Philip sat next to me then suddenly got up and moved opposite of me. I realised that the side of the table I was on were all fish dishes and his side had steak. I remember thinking *Fuck that, I already had fish* so I swapped the plates.